Do the Word of God

We need to do the word, for example, confessing your sins to one another, when you do that you make a bigger impact on your spirit. Not just to anyone, but to the right person. Doing what the Word says changes you. Like when you confess your sins to God. Donít think, well I think I am ready now. I can let God in on the secret. I can handle whatever punishment He  gives me. No, no that is not what it is for, God already knows anyway. When you take responsibility for it, that will change you.

That doesnít mean that you spend months crying and bellyaching about it to God. Donít try to convince Him youíre so sorry and you will never do it again. That is what religion does. First off that is a lie. You can't promise that you will never do it again. Second you are not trying to convince God about anything. Thatís not what it is all about. It is all about changing YOU. God is not going to change. He is already perfect. Dear Lord I can preach a whole sermon on what to do with sin. However that is not what I am supposed to talk about today.  

Doing the word is what changes YOU. Why do you think he put those things in the bible? People only want to do what the bible say's if they make sense. That is what religion does. People have to figure out reasons for this or that. Maybe those reasons work this time, but something comes up and messes that reason all up, then they have to come up with a different one. Thatís why they are so messed up. They have you going around in circles. They have to write volumes of things to do, trying to keep it all straight. You only need one page. Hear and obey. Next line, do the word. Thatís it. Youíre not going to figure it out with your little pea brain. You need revelation to understand it.

Another misunderstood area is LOVE. That is almost non-existent in the body of Christ. Sure you get pats on the back and hand shakes, but I can get that at an Amway sales rally. Then some churches say you need tough love you know. Well then go to an AA meeting. What happens after the doors close for service, then what? Everyone just goes back to their own lives. Then people say, well that doesnít work. God says love never fails. People say how can that be? Well God is love. Love is not just a word. Or you might say love is God. Moreover, we know that God never fails. In another words, when you love someone, you are releasing the very force of God on the situation. So how can it fail?

That is the same thing with, keeping your joy or walking in peace. God is telling you exactly what to do, but you have to do it. DO THE WORD. Even if you donít understand it, nor even if you do it badly, just do it. Everything takes practice. Nevertheless, it will change you each time. Well praise God. God is on your side all the time. Itís not a test to see if you can pass. No, the Word of God is power. It says the gospel is the power of God (2 Tim 1:8). It says the word is the truth, right? So the Word will make you free (John 8:32). God wants to see you free.

The word will change you, if you do it. Every time you see something in the Word, that you should do, go to God about it. Donít just dismiss it. Donít just say, well nobody else is doing it, so maybe itís not a big thing. Let the Word change you, by doing it. Come on, put your mountain boots on and letís climb higher. Glory! Father I pray now that you reveal Your Word to each of us and show us exactly how to do it. In Jesus Name. Amen and Amen