How do we overcome the world?

Glory be to God. Itís great to live by faith, so I want to send this to you to jack your faith up as high as I can.
It says if you believe Jesus is the Christ, then you are born of God. So if youíre born of God, then you are a world overcomer. How do we overcome the world? Even our faith. Or we do it by faith. Glory be to God.
 Read 1 John the 1st verse of the 5th chapter. Then go to the 4th verse. Then we know that greater is He that is in me then he that in the world. Right? So come on God has given us a mighty servant, faith. When you pray, your not begging God to do something, no he already has done it. Where we have be missing it, is that God has given you faith to get what you want. Can you see that? That is why he gave you faith. Not to use it only when all your prayers have failed. No, no He gave you his word; He gave you his name and there for gave you his authority. He gave you His word or promises, He gave you the Holy Spirit, and He wiped out your sin. Man you are ready for everything. You were made a son of God, so you could get His will done on this earth.
You are in the body of Christ. Right? So do you expect Jesus to come down and do it? No, he is telling you to do it. But God expects you to use your faith to accomplish that. That is why it is so important to live by faith everyday. It becomes so exiting when you realized that God has entrusted you to be a part of getting His will on earth accomplished. 
Therefore He has given you all the tools to equip you for this job. Isnít that exciting? So come on get into God's word and find out what he has to say. Hold up your bibles and say this is God speaking to me. I can do what he says I can do and I can have what it says I can have. Get into the truth and let the truth make you free. Praise God. You know that God cant lie. So come on call somebody and jack their faith up as high as you can.
 Father I pray now for everyone reading this that you give them revelation and knowledge of your ways, for it is the best way of doing everything. I pray these things in Jesus name amen.