Joint Heirs not sub heirs

The Glory praise God. What a time to be living. Give a Shout! I am taking
my place in the family. Man this is something that might tear up some
people, but it is really good to know who you are. Glory! So I just want to tell you a little, not going to get to long here, just want to give you, the big news. I am no longer a servant of the God most high. I have been adopted. Glory! And I will tell you something else that might not go over too big, but it's true. I am no longer a steward either, because that represents a servant. Now I am an owner and I practice good steward principles. Hallelujah Glory! Oh yaaaa come on this is what God has been waiting for.

(Gal 4:6) And because you are sons, God has sent forth the Spirit of His Son into your hearts, crying out, "Abba, Father!" You need to see that you are a son, not a servant. Boy that is hard on the flesh. Look at this, (Rom 8:17) and if children, then heirs; heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ, if indeed we suffer with Him, that we may also be glorified together.

I am an heir and not just a sub heir, but a joint heir. Oh glory! Think
about it, if you rented a pickup truck you might drive it right into a muddy area, or throw dirt into the back. You’d say, it's a rental and that’s what it is for. Right? But, you wouldn't treat your own truck that way, would you? If you were working at a business, you would do a good job for your employer, and go home when it was quitting time. But how would you work, if you were the owner instead of an employee? It would be totally different; you would go about your job as an owner. Wouldn't you? Every little detail would be looked at differently.

So say, I am an owner. Glory! Can you see how God wants you to take your place in the family? You don't hear me. I am a god, if there is a big God and he has kids then there must be little gods running around somewhere. Yaaaaa and that's me. Now God is telling us to think that way. Look at what this says come on you know this, but people have said, oh now you think your so great, just walking around saying you are God, no I am not saying I am God, but I am saying that I am a little god. Glory! In fact I am not saying that, at all... God is saying that about me. Lets get past all the religious junk and look at what God says. Like where it says, he was created a little lower than angels... that is not what it says. It really says he was created a little lower than Elohim, that is God, not angel. (check it out for yourself in Psalm 8:4) But the translators said... that can't be. No way. it can't mean a little lower than God. It's another of many, attempts from religion to say, you can't be that much, you are just a little worm in the dirt, just an old sinner saved by grace. No, no I was a sinner and now I am saved by grace. Now I am a god. Praise God, Oh come on now. This is shouting ground.

We have to read the Word and take it at face value. Forget all that... well this can't be or that doesn't make sense business. Here is what the Lord is telling us to do. (Phil 2:5-6) Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus, {6} who, being in the form of God, did not consider it robbery to be equal with God, Wahoo! Lord have mercy. Can you think you are equal to God? Did you hear that? It says let this mind be in YOU. Glory! Say to someone you are a little god, not the God but a god. Hallelujah. See religion hates that. Look at what happen to Jesus when they thought He was saying that. Now he came as a man, he didn't do anything as the Son of God. He was a Profit in the Old Covenant. He was the only Son of God on the
cross and when he went into hell, but when he rose from the dead, oh glory, he became the first born. He had to be reborn as a child of God. Glory Hallelujah. Do you hear me?

So lets see what them religious boys of the days of old said.
(John 10:30-35) "I and My Father are one." {31} Then the Jews took up stones again to stone Him. Notice they try to stone him again, that means they tried before. {32} Jesus answered them, "Many good works I have shown you from My Father. For which of those works do you stone Me?" {33} The Jews answered Him, saying, "For a good work we do not stone You, but for blasphemy, and because You, being a Man, make Yourself God." (Look what Jesus said to them) {34} Jesus answered them, "Is it not written in your law, 'I said, "You are gods"'? {35} "If He called them gods, to whom the word of God came (and the Scripture cannot be broken), Oh Lord have mercy, did you see that? There were gods just because they had the Word of God. How much more are we gods since we are born into the
family, aren't we. Oh man I can't stand it.

We have to know who we are in order to get the anointing and do all the things we need to do. Jesus himself said we are to do greater things than He. Are we doing that? Then they say ya but Jesus was the Son of God. What do you think you are?  Ya ,but Jesus had all the gifts, and he meant that the whole body will get those gifts, not just one person. Oh really? That may be what is holding up the whole thing. People think you have to wait 20 years to get a gift and then that's it, you operate in that gift and it's there from now on. No, no, all I have to say is the same sap that is flowing in the vine is flowing in the branch. Hallelujah. Oh Lordy, I have the same sap.

So you can get a gift today and get a different gift tomorrow and another one the day after that depending on what God wants you to do. I am not talking about a calling, they stay for a good while, like a Pastor, but even then the Lord gives some of those people the office of Teacher or even, from time to time, might give them an office of Profit. But the gift of healing or miracles and so forth can flow in and out of people all the time. Although when God can trust you with a gift, He probably will let you keep it. When you have a calling as being a husband or wife or parent or worker, there is anointing for that. That's different than doing some silly thing like going out and carrying a sign against dirty books or abortions or whatever. Throw rocks and bottles. Geez That doesn't work, why? Because I haven't seen much anointing for carry signs. Have you? If there was, there would have been a whole lot better results, than what they have been getting. Come on, we need to stop tying to figure out, what can I do for God and listen to God and find out what he want you do to. We have been limiting God by this idea of how things should work. But those days are over, aren't they? Glory! Yes the Lord will speak to you. You need to get more into the word and build your spirit man.

Ok since everyone has a different idea of what faith is I will give you an example of using your faith to hear from God. Lord it says in your word. My sheep hear my voice, I thank you Lord for your word and I thank you for telling me what you would have me do. I praise you Lord for showing your will to me. I know you have a will for me and I won't know what your will for me is, unless you tell me. Glory. I will not take into my own hands and just do something. No I believe I will hear from you as to what it is. That is how you use your faith to receive from God. Agree with what God says don't go against God. Don't say I wonder when he will tell me, I wonder if I will know when he tells me. Ok Lord, He wanted me to tell you this one. The biggest one, not to say, is what if he tells me to do something that I won't like. No, no don't think that. God is not the bad guy remember? No don't question God. God loves you. Come on!

Ok now stay open and believing, just don't go back to watching Gun Smoke and say, well its up to God now. No, no keep reading the word, it might come while you read the word. It may come while listening to an Anointed sermon, I say Anointed ones because there aren't that many out there. So you have to know the difference between a good idea and a God idea. There are too many preachers out there that just like to flap their jaws. They missed their calling, they should have been motivational speakers instead. They would make
better money that is for sure. Oh Praise you Jesus. Ok that was free, do what you want with it. I won't charge you for that. Come on tell someone I am a little god. Glory! Shout somebody! Shout!

Yeah I know that there are religions people that say, everyone is a little God, who cares what they say, they don't even recognize God almighty. Somewhere in their quest to find God they decided it would be simpler to say that everyone is a God. Then there are other religions that are afraid to kill a maggot, because it might be a relative of a great man, which they made a God out of, now that certainly would put them in big trouble. Come on, I am not talking about all that. I am talking about what the word of God says.

You don't have to go around saying you're a little God as an ego thing. No, no it is not an ego thing, but if God is your father and Jesus is your brother, who are you then. Take your place in the family that you are born into. You can't live by faith, if you don't know who you are. It takes receiving righteousness to receive the blessing of God. Come on get excited, this is good news. God has work for us to do, don't be stubborn about what God is telling you. He has set everything up for you, and given you the best of the best. Take it, for crying out loud. Stop saying I'm not worthy or don't deserve it. He is not asking whether you are.

You know yourself that there are many people that go to church and go to classes and know a lot about God, but don't know God. They don't know that they have to receive Jesus as a personal decision. That is the same way with receiving your righteousness, you can know a lot about it, but never take the time to receive it from the Lord. You have to receive it by faith; just like you did your salvation. I know it is a package deal, but you have to get all of it by faith. Well praise God, come on lets receive everything that God has for us.

Well I was going to quite, but the Lord wanted me to expound on this example to perceive receiving your righteousness better. It's pretty cool. I can't figure out why I didn't think of it. Hehehe. This will get it across better. This will settle it.

If you come across someone who is a church attendee and lives a good moral life, but has never made Jesus the Lord of their life. With that situation you could say did you know that Jesus said, "You must be born again". They would say no... I did know that. Then you could show then the scripture and it would then, be up to them to make that decision. It's nice to let them know something that they didn't know before, something that they missed.

Ok look at a different scenario, the same person goes to this real nice
looking Christian church and everyone there is happy to go there. I say Christians because they call themselves that. So their Pastor stands up and says there are people going around say that you have to be born again to be a Christian. So let me tell you, that you are born again, from now on you are and if anyone ask you say, yes l am born again. Now I want everyone to say it, I am born again. Aren't you glad? You have everything you need. Now these people didn't make a personal decision or accept Jesus yet, but now it will be really hard to talk to those people. Wouldn't it? Because they think they got it.

The Lord is saying that is the way a lot of Christians are. They are told
that they are righteous, so they sing and shout about it, but have never received it from the Lord. Wow isn't that good? Just like after they received their salvation, after a time they would receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Right? It doesn't have to be that way, but in most cases it is. That baptism was theirs all the time, it's that they didn't except it yet. It comes from the Word being preached to them in that area. You know the Baptist won't receive it. Why? Because they were told they already have it. This is the same as righteousness, not many people are preaching this, they are just saying. You got it don't worry about it.

Now it's hard to talk to those people about receiving their righteousness. They think they have it, they don't think it is doing them any good, but ya man we got it. However like everything else, you have to decide to receive it by faith. Glory be to God! Get down and receive your righteousness from God by faith. Make that decision. Hallelujah! Yes it has already been given to you, but you have to take it. Glory! There are a lot of people who were given salvation, but are still going to hell. Why? Cause they haven't received it yet. Right? So do it now, read scriptures that talk about your righteousness. Then keep meditating on them. Keep speaking them to yourself. Sure it takes time, but you can't get it by wishful thinking. Praise God. Anything that God has for you is good stuff. It well worth doing what
you have to. Wow wasn't that great? Glory to God