Fear… do we have protection as a Christian? If we do, should we still have fear, is it normal? 
We can probably all remember when we were children yelling out in the dark and mom and dad coming in and turning on the lights and you were paralyzed with fear, yelling Da boogeyman is coming.

Da boogeyman??? What is a boogeyman?? That must be the grossest thing there can be. HELLO I am the boogeyman. Oh yeah right…

Well now we are OLDER and don't have to worry about that. The closest thing to being paralyzed is when we have a Charlie Horse. We freeze up and have that painful awful look on our face. However, can't talk, cause maybe it might make it worse. You know. You want to get a stick and beat it, but can't find one. Then finally it passes. Thank God for little miracles So now that we are older, does that wipe out fear? Do we have protection? Why are some Christians dying? What does it mean, get under the blood. 

Seriously now, Let's take a look at these things. Some people go to church and they are told that they are protected and that is it. So these people say, yeah I have protection and go on about their business. However, then something happens and they dye, so what's up with that? Well were they lied to, did God miss this thing? Absolutely not! Why did God let this happen they ask? Everyone is confused.

We need to get any of the promises of God, by faith. So then people say well I used my faith once, now I got it. Well then why does it say, work out your salvation with fear and trembling? We know there is a fight of faith. The word tells us to put on the whole amour of God. Above all the shield of faith. Therefore, that implies a fight. If a fight, then there must be an enemy. This enemy will kill you. 

We hear that he roams to and fro to seek whom he can devour. Therefore, people say yeah got to watch that devil. Never know what he will do. I know what he will do. He will kill you if he can, whether you're a Christian or not. He doesn't care. This is a daily thing. These are not automatic just because you're a Christian. Because you are a Christian they are guaranteed, but not automatic. If you not a Christian you don't have them at all.

I know people are tired of hearing that you have to get things by faith. So let's say that you got it, but now you have to keep it. 

Let's look at how you do this. If you get into a situation that grips you with fear what do you do? I can tell you that a whole host of things will go through your mind. Maybe I don't have protection; I have been too busy to pray the last couple of days. I said an unkind word the other day. Man I don't know, I might be in big trouble here. You know there are endless possibilities. 

This is how you open the door to the enemy. Satin wants to get into you mind and put doubt in there, so it will get into you heart and steal the Word. This is a day by day battle, maybe a minute by minute battle. So what do you do to keep it? Shut the door; don't let him in. you have all the weapons, so use them. 

If you committed sin get rid of it. Confess it and receive your cleansing of all unrighteousness. Then get fear out, every bit of it. The word says fear not. So how much fear should you have? NONE. Get rid of it. Treat it like profanity. 

Fear is the tool of the enemy to kill you. Your thoughts are the way he gets in. So you MUST cast them down. How? By saying, the Word out loud even if it is… I will not fear. When you speak out loud you mind must stop to hear what your mouth is saying. that is the way it is designed to work.

Are you a Child of God? Then you have protection. Start standing on that promise of God. I am an heir of salvation. Ministering spirits will come to assist me. Glory be to God I am standing on the promises of God. I thank you and praise you Lord for your promises and I claim and receive them right now. Now that you have closed the door on the enemy and claimed the promises of God you will have them. That is resisting the enemy and he must flee. You can't talk fear or doubt, period. If someone talks about it, change the subject or walk away. It is vital. If you have to just say Jesus…. Jesus He is my fortress He is my deliver. Say what you have to, to get those thoughts out.

Give God praise and glory for the duration. This will save your life. So glory be to God. Now you know how to do it. This should answer all the questions and get you ready for whatever. 

I will just mention one other thing very briefly since the body of Christ does not deal with this well at all. If the enemy can't get you by fear he will try with grief. He will use TV or whatever he can. Society has made us think grief is normal. Yes it is normal but not godly. Don't listen to those stories that are called heart wrenching. That is what it is; it is designed to mess up your heart. They want you to have sympathy for people. Share their grief, type of thing. Jesus bore your sadness and grief. He had compassion on people not sympathy. They are two different things. Don't let religion mess up the words. Grief is a spirit. It must not be allowed to come in us or around us. If you want to minister to someone with grief you better pray about it first. The preachers today, do a very bad job. They don't seen to know how to do it. It is much easier to appease them; after all it should be all finish in a couple of days. Why risk the possibility of being unpopular or weird somehow. Don't just say, some religious thing to them, it could kill you or them or both. That is about all I will say about it. I just wanted to give you something to think about.
So you do what you want. I know what the Lord has told me, but maybe that has to do with my assignment as a warrior. Satan will try to kill me. You can do your part to stop the spread of evil. So praise God. Pray! I hope this helps.