Building your Faith in God

Faith is a major area in your new life with God. Therefore, you have to find out what is faith, who can have it and how do you use it. There is much to be said about faith. Today we will be talking about building your faith. Since we have to live by faith we need to build our faith. Why? In Heb. 11 it says, now faith isÖ Faith is always in the now. We use it now and the faith we had last week does us no good this week. We have to constantly feed our spirit. The faith we had last week maybe has some residual value that we can build on, but the steak you had last week will not keep you from starving this week. All it will do is tell you that the steak you had last week was good and it did the job. Therefore, if you need to eat again, then you might choose steak again. It seemed to work pretty well last time. Do you see that much would, sort of gives you a head start in knowing that it would be a good choice. Nevertheless, thatís it. Ok so far?
Lets go over this business about the amount of faith we have. When we got the new birth, God gave us everything we needed. (2 Pet 1:3) as His divine power has given to us all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of Him who called us by glory and virtue,
There are no spiritual defects in the family of God. We each got the same measure of faith. One person did not get a bunch of faith, because God has big plans for him. And you got a little dab, since God doesnít need you very much. No, no, no we all got the same amount of faith, just like one person didnít get born with 10 muscle and another got 100 muscles. You got the same amount of faith as the Apostle Paul got for an example. God is no respecter of persons.
Just like muscles need to be developed, Faith needs to be developed too. So when someone says you need to increase your faith, they are not talking about increasing the amount of faith you have, they are talking about increasing the use of your faith. They are talking about getting more ability from your faith. They are talking about becoming more efficient with our faith. Just like your small children need to grow and develop more to be able to do adult kinds of things. Right? Even when they get big enough they still might not be able to do adult things properly, if they didnít develop properly when they were growing up.

Likewise when you are a baby Christian, you need to grow and develop too. Sure God takes care of you. That is great; he is not a deadbeat dad. He sees that your diapers are changed and you have enough milk to drink. However, when your 40 years old, would you still want to just have those lousy bottles of formula and wear diapers everyday. That would be pretty silly, wouldnít it? All of your basic needs are met, but you get to the point where you would like to try more things. How do you get those different things? Usually it just a matter of knowing that your father loves you and all you have to do is ask. Then he probably would say, well thatís all you have to do is ask. I wasnít sure what you wanted. Then later on kids might have to learn to save their allowance to be able to get more things yet. Then maybe have to do more chores, you know things you are expected to do. You are still taken care of, however you need to develop skills that you will need later on in life.

Same thing in your new life, when you become tired of just getting by, you need to go to your father and ask, but you have to ask knowing that your father loves you and wants to give it to you. That is asking by faith. You can't ask God for something and then say, I know you really donít care about me, I just know, you donít really want to give those things to me. I know you said ask, but I just know you are really mad at me. Right? Isnít that how people talk to God? How would that ever work. How can anyone expect to get anything from anybody that way. They just donít believe God wants to do it for them. They have what they believe

Do you know that it is just as easy to grow spiritually, as you grew physically? Just by living in the natural your muscles grow and your mind grows, from walking, talking, and normal stuff. If you chose to start living by faith you will automatically grow and develop in that area too. It is just a matter of using your faith and believing God. The more you use it, the better at it you get.
When people start living by faith, most of them go out for a big adult thing then say, I just can't do that; I guess I will never amount to much. I guess for the rest of my life I will have to have someone do the heavy stuff for me. I was just born a weakling. I guess I didnít get enough muscles when I was born. Come on would you say that in the natural? Of course not, you would say I am not going to be a weak, good for nothing, all my life. I will find out how itís done and work on it till I get it. Right? I will go to the gym or go to school or something so that I can function as a normal adult.

That is the same thing we need to be saying in our new life with God. However we take the failure attitude with God? We say, I just can't do that. I guess I will have to have someone pray for me and tell me the magic words when I need to hear them. I donít understand the Word so I will just memorize what they tell me to and I will muddle through being a Christian. Iíll pretend that everything is fine and go about my business. No, no start believing what God saysÖ you are and believe that he really wants to give good things to you. That is living by faith and developing your faith at the same time. Developing takes work. You can't just work at anything for Ĺ hour a day and expect results. You can't make money that way, you can't lose weight that way, and you can't even go on vacation that way. It takes a plan. Christians rather say, well I tried that once, it doesnít work. No, donít say that, learn how to build your faith and get strong so you can get anything you want from God.

God has laid out a plan for you in his word it is all there. I know that religion has messed it up. It tells you, no it can't work that way. That would be too easy. Folks it is that easy, but you will have to believe what God says more then what people say. The word says, let God be true and every man a liar (Rom 3:4). So what does that tell you? It tells me that I will have to stop believing people in the world, religion, and everything else and listen to God. Why do you think God put that in there? Because he knew it would come up. He knew people would talk against Him. Donít do that or even listen to people who do.

If you think about it just about everything God says, someone will say well God didnít really mean that. They say it was only meant to be symbolic. Yes God did mean it. Why do you think Jesus kept saying truly, truly? Because he knew people would not believe him. Dear Lord how did we ever get to the point where we think this one or that one knows more then God. Good golly miss molly that is how He got to be God. He knows far more then we do. Last time I checked he is the Supreme Being of all creation. So how come what God says doesnít mean anything to anybody anymore?

Most people are not even sure that the bible is God's word. They think it is just a history book. Yea it was cool in them days, but gee it is way out of date. That was a different time and those things have all passed away. Isnít it funny that those same people will get you in their bible class and say, heaven and earth will pass away, but not one jot or tilde will ever pass away. Does that make sense? Who is fooling whom here? They are deceived.

Then they will say, donít do this or that, cause He will be mad at you. If you already did something, you better find out what it is and convince God that your are truly, truly, truly sorry for doing that. Until you do, he will just leave you out there or take his hand off of you. Or some stupid thing like that. Then turn right around and say, that God is love. He loves you so much, that he sent his only begotten son to die for you. There isnít anything he would not do for you. You know God said he would never leave you or forsake you. Huh?
Come on people, forget religion they are total nut cases. Listen to what God says. They think they have it all figured out, thatís the problem. They are trying to figure it out, instead of listening to God. They are so full of contradictions and confusion, that it really is funny. We know who the father of confusion is.

So how do you develop your faith in God? The first thing is you need to do, is get to know God. What is he is like and what has he already said about things. It is really hard to ask any Father for something, when you are estranged to each other. You donít even know where he is at, except that you see him once a year at Christmas. You donít really know what he is like. Therefore, you would assume the worse. Right. He may be willing to do things for you, but you just donít know
What if you needed food for example and you knew your father left you some notes, but you didnít want to read them. You say those notes can't be for me. He never writes anything to me. However, the note says if you need food, go over to aunt Lillyís, I gave her some food for you. You would never about that, if you donít read his notes. Then when you see your father you yell at him and say why didnít you leave me any food? He would say, I did, I told you in the note. So you would have starved all that time, just because you didnít want to read the note.

The next good thing to do is get to know what someone thinks or acts like in order to feel comfortable asking that person for anything. Letís say you need an advance from work. The best thing to do is find out how the boss feels about giving advances, right. If the boss sends out a memo that says, if you need an advance come to me I will be happy to help you. On the other hand he might have sent out a memo that says, under no circumstances will I give an advance to anybody for any reason. That would give you a pretty good idea of whether you should go ask, wouldnít it.

Therefore, you have to get to know God by spending time alone with him and reading his word. When you read the Word you do have to ask yourself what is God really saying to me, not what you think religion is telling you. For example letís look at what Jesus said about increasing your faith. (Luke 17:5) And the apostles said to the Lord, "Increase our faith!" (6) And the Lord said, "If you had faith like a mustard seed, you would say to this mulberry tree, 'Be uprooted and be planted in the sea'; and it would obey you.

So what does this say? Most people think it is saying that there really is no reason to get more faith. You only need a teeny tiny little bit and it will be enough. Heck you donít need very much faith to mess with a mulberry tree. I have a chance to deal with the little stuff. However on bigger stuff, like mountains, I could be in trouble there. Right? That can't be right, because earlier He told them that if they say unto this mountain be removed, it would go. Didn't he?
Nope thatís not it at all. This is not talking about the amount of faith you have. The subject here is how to increase your faith or develop it. There are two things He is telling us, that go together. First thing is, you should sayÖsay to theÖ. What happens when you say something that you believe? You are using your faith. You have to remember that faith speaks. What's in your heart comes out your mouth. Remember that? So if you use your faith it will increase or grow. The more you use anything the more developed you get at it. Do you see that?

Next he is talking about seed again. He just got done teaching them that the kingdom of God is like a seed. He is trying to tell you that sowing and reaping is a very big part of the kingdom. Therefore, if you plant it, it will grow. The other way of building your faith is planting more. Remember that, faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of God. Right? Jesus called the word of God seed. Therefore, if you plant the word in your heart (the good ground you were given) it will grow. So plant your faith and it will grow. Use your faith to develop it.
Remember faith is not nothing, it is just something you can't see. You can't see electricity, but that doesnít mean that itís not there, does it? Electricity is a force, that if you use it correctly, you will be able do a lot of things with it. If you donít use it correctly, it can kill you. Faith is real too, it is a force. You use some kind of faith all the time. You believe something all the time, arenít you? You believe if you flip that switch, the lights will go on. Right. You have been doing that all your life, so it is a given.

Now you have to build or increase or develop your faith in God. The God kind of faith is a better force then anything else. So spend a lot of time with God, spend a lot of time in his word. It is going to take time to develop this, like it did everything else. With it you can have anything you want. So stop discounting your faith in God and say I guess I just donít have enough faith. No, no just start building your faith and you will.
God's ways are not hard just a little different. Try to swing a bat or golf club the opposite way you normally do and see how it feels. The worldís ways are against God. Religion has messed you up for years, saying you no good, and just a little worm in the dirt. So forget all that trash and get to know God. God is a giver and nothing; I mean nothing gives God more pleasure than to give his children everything they ever wanted. He is never going to run out of things to give, no matter how much you get or anyone else gets. Praise God!

However, you have to do it by faith and not doubt, in God. You are using faith to get all the bad things from Satan right now, its called fear. Donít let the enemy lie to you any more. Get the fear out and start using the God kind of faith today. He gave it to you so you can use it. And it pleases God when you to use it. You made the right choice to get born into the family of God. Donít stay in the death cycle any longer. He transferred you from darkness into the marvelous light. Glory! Start agreeing with God today. Father I pray now for everyone reading this message that You show them Your love for them and teach them how to use Your faith. I pray for what ever deliverance they need now in Jesus name.