We need god's blessing

The blessing, well I know you have heard this before, but it is something
that the church needs to hear. We need to talk about the blessing of God
here. The Lord has told me to preach this and its where the rubber meets the road, so you may not like all of it, I don't know, but I am putting down
what the Lord wants me to say. Glory to God!

Actually, a lot of people think that a blessing is getting something
special. When they do, those people smile and say I'm blessed. Is that really a blessing? What is a blessing from god? Is this something that you get now and then or is it something that is there all the time? Well when you see the trees blow, or some garbage flying down the street we say that is the wind. No its not the wind, it the effects of the wind. The same thing with blessings if we get an extra $50 or get healed from a cold then they say I am blessed, well that is all well and good we should give God credit for everything. But that is not the blessing, it might be the effect, but that is all.

We need to get the blessing on us so that we can get those things we need
time and time again. If I were to give you a bushel of apples that is great,
but you need to have a whole orchard so you can give some away and still go back and get some more. The blessing that God is talking about is endowed power. We need to get the anointing of God on our lives. It is when the power of God is on your ability to do something with that ability, that you couldn't do before. It is that supernatural power on our ability, so we can do the things that God wants us to do. We need to get this on our lives so we can make an effect on the world.

Folks you have to understand that's how the world sees us, is not good. In
these last days we have to get real. Do you know that there is something
more powerful then the word of god? It is tradition, for the bible said that
the tradition of man has made the word of God null in void. So we have to
leave some of those things behind.
You know this is hard to say, but Christians as a group of people is the most critical, sorriest group of people on this planet. Christians for some reason like to go around telling everyone that they are so wrong in one form or the other. If something happens negative anywhere, the Christians jump up so quick and say see, I told you that this would happen, God is punishing you and you better straighten out right now or it will get worse. If you want to get beat up, just go to some Christian meetings and it wont be long and they will be telling you that your all messed up and you are in a heap of trouble. I am talking about total strangers, telling you how to live your life. Were does that come from? Even some new Christians think it's their job to tell everyone they see, just how bad they really are and they better change their ways. What's
up with that? It has got to be some kind of warped pride.

The lord says to edify each other, answer with grace to all. Speak words of
life to everyone, pray for one another, and forgive each other's sins,
doesn't it? In fact it says that whatever sins we forgive, they will be
forgiven. Glory be to God! Don't you think it is time to change this? The
world treats each other a whole lot better that Christians treat each other.

Another thing we have to watch is fades; right now it is a big fade to
complain about everything. If a law is not what we like, complain about it
and maybe it will be changed. Everyone thinks they have to take sides and complain, because the ones that complain the loudest, they are the one that will get recognition. Well God says not to grumble or complain. Why? Because it steals the word out of your heart, it steals the anointing that you might have or could have if you didn't do those things. My, my, my, well I said it and I am not going to take it back.

The bible says (Eph 4:31-32) Let all bitterness, wrath, anger, clamor, and
evil speaking be put away from you, with all malice. {32} And be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, just as God in Christ forgave you. I sure don't see Christians doing any of that. Add backbiting and gossip to that list and that about sums up the actions of the Christians
today. You are not going to get the blessing of God doing that kind of
stuff. Can you see why the world says; no thanks I don't need that.

Folks it's time we get serous in our walk with God, so he can use us, and
the world can see that we are real. We need to show that we can come against the snares of the enemy to stop him in his tracks, which is what people need to see. That is what people really want to see, that God is on their side, not that God is mad at them for everything they do. The bible says that the goodness of God brings godly repentance; it doesn't say anything about Christians screaming at people to get them to change their ways. They don't see any goodness in the body of Christ, so why would they want to turn toward God.

So anyway that's enough of that, God is looking for someone that is
faithful and can act like Jesus. What did Jesus do? He went around doing
good. Didn't he? He went around destroying the works of the enemy. Not
telling people they are no good. That is why people followed him everywhere. You bet, you need the blessing on you to do that, so we have to do the things that we need to do, to get the blessings.

You know if you ask people if they are faithful to God, a lot of them would
say, oh yes amen. But the word says (Prov 28:20) A faithful man will abound with blessings, But he who hastens to be rich will not go unpunished. So either God is failing or these people are not being totally honest about it. So don't you think we have a lot of work cut out for us. To be able to get to about 5 billion (with a b) people in the world, which seem to be going to hell. God doesn't want them to go to hell, but he will need to use people like you and me. We are now different creatures, so all we need to do is act like it. If some one made you a doctor, I bet you would start acting different. Well he has made us Kings and Priests, which should be good enough to make the change.
Don't let religion rob you of that, when they say, "it doesn't take all that, you do have to be practical, you know." Who cares what religion says, it's what God says that matters. Do you know that you can't walk with anybody unless you are in total agreement with that person? Well God is always right and God ain't going to change, (excuse my grammar, but it's true and the word fits) so we have to change to be in agreement and walk with him.
Oh sure he said I will never leave you or forsake you. Glory to God! But there is a difference, when someone says, come on boy, let's go, I am with you. Or someone saying, ok if you insist I'll go. Can you see the difference?

Well you need to pour the word of God in all the time, not just a few
minutes a day. That means you may have to carry a tape recorder around with you. You have to know, that you can do, what God says you can do. Since he will make it come to past. You need to say what God says. He says, you can have what you say. You see people, listen to this, you can talk about the problem, and that is why you have it. So then you think and start to look around and say what can I do that is better? Then God says, why don't you ask for this? Oh yeah that is pretty neat; I never would have thought that.

You see God has thought out all the good things for you. He wants you to
have things that are so good that they are above and beyond anything you could ask or think. So if you say what God says, then you would have the absolute best things possible that are known to man. When it says in the book of Ephesians in the forth chapter the list of things to think about. That is what you need to think on, it didn't say if you get around to it or if you're in a good mood, here is something you might want to think about. No, no that is what you think on. When it says don't think about what to eat or drink, then don't think about it. I know it takes some getting use to, but get use to it!

When Jesus was talking in the book of Mark about what measure you give, that is the measure you will receive. He is talking about how you heed the Word that is how you will receive. Glory! If you take heed than what (revelation) you have, you will be given more, but if not, then what
(revelation) you have even that, will be taken away. These are truths that
God is given to us. Take them serious.
Well I sure want to do my part to make the will of God come to past, how about you? I want the blessing of God, so I can affect the world toward God. Let's all get in there. Well give the Lord a shout.