Receiving from God

Sometime we hear words that just donít click in when you hear it. Particularly when we donít use that word everyday. For example when the bible says if you believe that you receive when you pray you shall have it. So the preachers take receive out of there and preach like crazy on it. You know we just donít know how to receive, if we could learn to receive, things would be a whole lot better. That is the real problem. Then you say yep, yep, yep that is my problem I just donít know how to receive boy I got to learn how to receive. Man another thing to learn, I haven't got believing or faith down yet, now another thing to learn.
Do you know what I mean? Well those words are basically saying the same thing. When you receive, you are taking it, you are accepting it. When someone gives you something you have the option of taking it or saying no I can't take that, that is too expensive to take. Or I donít deserve that I will figure out another way, I donít take charity you know. Does that tell you a little more?
Now the trick here is how to do it in the spirit realm, when you can't get your grubby little hands on it or put it in your pocket. The first thing that is important is to visualize it in your mind. Donít just go through the motions in prayer, then say, well I sure hope this works. Then you go to checking your feeling to see if it worked. Donít do that. Spiritual things can't be felt with your feelings. Thatís like trying to hear with your nose. Really the only kind of difference you will get is in your spirit. Donít wait for a glory ball to hit you in the head. Thank God, sometimes he gives us some goose bumps. That is great shut to your feels up.
It is better to start to visualize it happening. God gave us an imagination. We have been using it for bad things, but thatís not what you got it for. Start using it for what God gave it to you for. Start imaging Jesus standing there and putting his hand on you. Start seeing God paying that bill. Visualize it like it is real. That is what he gave it to you for. When it becomes real it will take care of your senses. Your feelings donít know the difference.
Next your actions will tell the story. How you talk, think, and act, will tell you exactly what you believe. Letís use an example. Youíre at the hospital, you get the bill, and it is a whopper. You say how am I going to pay this bill? It will take me the rest of my live to pay this. Then a good friend comes in and says what's the matter? You say, oh well I just got the bill and itís a monster. I didnít expect that. I donít know if I can ever pay it. Then he says, well no problem let me pay it for you. He slaps out his plastic and says put it all on there. You say are you kidding. Wow I appreciate that more then you can imagine. You saved my life.
Youíre so relieved you go home and crash in the bed. You get up in a couple of hours and start saying, oh man that bill is too much, I donít know what I am going to do, I have to pay it or they will ruin my credit. The bill collectors will be after me. Man I donít know what I am going to do. Is that what you would say? You would if you have a screw loose. THE BILL IS PAID. You would have to be on drugs if you say those things when there is no bill to be paid. Right?
Thatís how people talk after the pray and God told them in his word that it is taken care of. Talking that way should tell you that you didnít believe it. Much less you didnít received it. See what happened is that someone told them that this promise was in the bible and so they mentally ascended to it. They know it is suppose to work that way, so might as well pray and see what happens. See they didnít do what they were suppose to do and build their faith, then would faith would get the job done. It doesnít say pray and see if you will get lucky.
Did you know that you have work to do in the spirit realm, just like you have been working in the natural realm? If you do the work in the spirit realm you will have far less to do in the natural realm. Very few people can get a hold of that. If you tell people that you are living by faith, they will tell you that you better get some wisdom in there. Meaning, donít go off the deep end boy. It is too hard for them to turn loose what they have learned in the natural. It took them years to learn those things and they will go to fists over it. The Apostle Paul calls all that dung. These people think the spiritual things are just supposed to fall on them. I got an example of that from the Lord, so I will share it to you.
You are tired of fooling around with the little things of life so you go to the computer store and say I want the biggest most powerful one you have. Then the salesman says, well this one will do it all, it is the best one. You say ok how much? He tells you and you fall over right there. So you pay the guy, take it home, set it up on the desk, real pretty, and plug it in. Then you look at it and say well come on do something. The guy said it will do everything and I paid a right arm for this, why isnít it doing anything. Can you see why it isnít working?
Youíre going to have to turn it on and move the mouse to click the right things in sequence to get it to work. That is the way it is in the spiritual realm too. God set up all the laws you need to have what ever you want. However, youíre going to have to go through the right sequence to get it. Yea you can beg for miracles. Thank God for miracles I am all for them. However, God did not set it up so you can live on a miracle every month. God wants you to grow up, act like him, and do the things he would do.
He gave you His blood, he gave you His Name, he gave you His Spirit, and He gave you His faith. He gave you all the fruits of the Spirit. Of which there is no law against them. That also means the law of sin and death. He gave you the prayer of faith, He gave you the prayer agreement, He gave you the prayer that changes things, He gave you the prayer of binding and loosing, He gave you the prayer praise and worship, if you sin, He gave you the prayer of confession. Come on you have the best computer there is in creation. Youíre going to have to put all of this to use. You have to do what you are suppose to do in the spirit realm, use God's tools in the right sequence and you will get the results. His way of doing things is not hard at all. They are just different, then the world thinks.
Dear Lord I got another example from the Lord, must be example day. Ok youíre at home and a friend comes over. You look at the wall and say, boy I have got to throw some paint on that wall. Your friend says, how you going to do that? You say just watch. So you get the pan and the roller and paint and you roll out the paint on the wall. Your friend says if that donít beat all, how does that paint stay on the wall? Every time I tip the paint it runs all over the place, goes all over the floor and everywhere. Did you know it was going to do that? You say, of course I did, thatís why I did it. I have done it many times. I know this works.
Just because some people donít know how to do something that doesnít mean you can't do it. Once you learn something you can do it whether no other person around you understands it or not. Whether they have even heard about it or not has no bearing on you doing it. You see there are going to be some things you do that may look funny to some people, but that doesnít mean it is wrong. People might thing your ready for the funny farm, but so what. Are you going to please God or people? Youíre going have to learn to deal with this. Talking and acting the way God says to do it is going to be different. People are going to think you went off the deep end. That should not stop you in any way.
The words you say are going to be critical. This is the hardest thing to get through our heads. I have been told this for years, but still had much trouble with it. I can't get into a word sermon today, but will mention a few things.
(Heb 10:23) Let us hold fast the confession of our faith without wavering, what is this talking about the words you say while in faith. Ok what is wavering? The dictionary says one whoís opinion is unsettled. Which means you can't say 10 scriptures in the morning and talk like the world all day. You can't say God will meet all my needs and then an hour later you tell your friend I donít what I am going to do, if something doesnít happen by Friday I am done. Thatís it, itís all over. Did you pray? Oh yes but I donít know if God will come through this fast. Do you get the idea? You will have to continue to confess in line with God's word and people will think you have lost your mind. Thatís what stand is. Why can you say this? Look at the last part of that scripture. For He who promised is faithful.
Look at another familiar verse. (Heb 3:1) Therefore, holy brethren, partakers of the heavenly calling, consider (boy lets stop right there and consider the word consider) the Apostle and High Priest of our confession, Christ Jesus,
What are we considering here? Yes Jesus is the Apostle and High Priest, but of our confessions. He is saying think about what you say all the time, so that Jesus can make them come to pass. What does Apostle mean? Yes it means sent one, but the biblical definition is sent one to establish. So what this is saying is Jesus is the sent one to establish what you say and has the highest authority to make it come to pass. Praise God. So it is saying consider Jesus when you say something. Donít just run off the mouth. Can you see that?
Jesus said you can have what you say (Mark 11:24 Jesus said, I say unto you). Remember the negative things will work the same as the good things you say. The Lord also said that you are snared by your words. So think about that? Do not be deceived God is not mocked what you sow so shall you reap.
When you say Iím healthy and prosperous. People are going to think you are strange. Instead of, well I am getting the flu or I donít know how we will make it this month. That is not strange at all. This indicates where you faith is, from the abundance of your heart the mouth speaks. Is faith or doubt in your heart?
Remember that God is faithful and cannot lie. However, you just can't quit or even waiver and that deals with your words, until you get it. (Heb 6:12) that you do not become sluggish, but imitate those who through faith and patience inherit the promises. We do have to live by faith but look what it says about quitting. (Heb 10:38) Now the just shall live by faith; But if anyone draws back, My soul has no pleasure in him." This is how you please God, not by how much you do at church. Do you want to do what the word says or what religion says?
Well I could go on and on I never finish, so will have to just stop. These are some of things you need to think about in receiving from God, getting your victory, or defeating the enemy. What ever you want to call it. God is telling you exactly how to do it, in his word. You just have to read it without the religion in it. Something is going to have to change, if you want to get different results.
Above all, no matter what happens donít get offended by God. There is another famous, consider, to remember. It is where God said, consider your ways. Well praise God. Go to God and ask him what's going on, he will tell you, if you get quiet enough and really want to hear what God has to say. He wants to tell you, he wants to help you and give things to you. However you need to get it the right way, or it will destroy you. Come on say this, God is for me he is not against me. God will never leave me or forsake me. God's ways are the best way. So I will learn and do them. I will be obedient to God's word, for God loves me. That is why he gave me his word. To show me what is mine. The devil is who is stealing it from me. God is on my side. Glory! Give God a shout.