Living in the last days

I don't know about anybody else, but I am getting an urgency in my spirit, that I never had before in my life. These are the very last hours of the end times.

We have a lot of work to do. I hear the Lord saying you better get going. You have much to do. Glory! It is an exiting time. If you weren't qualified to do it, you would have been born in a different time. So don't get distracted.

We need to edify and build each other up. We need to be a brighter light to the world then ever before. Don't give them a religious Holier Then Thou attitude. We need to look inward and listen to what the Holy Spirit has to say to that person.

We need to work around the clock to keep our peace and joy, especially in this time of turmoil. That is the type of thing that will draw people to the light.

The days of criticizing and judging each other and the world for that
matter, is over. The body of Christ is going to have to learn to love like
never before. The world is more hungry now and are searching for something.

They are not searching for religion. The days of telling people that they better change their ways and get it together is gone. We need to tell them that God is a loving God and that he cares for them. No matter what they have done.

We need to minister to people in such a way that they can feel that love. Glory! We need to get into the Word even more. The Word is God and God is love. That love will come out of you in a big way. Well praise God we have work to do.

Say that the Lord will take care of this. We have an anointing to tell us all things. He will lead us and guide us in all our ways. The love of God has been shed abroad in our hearts. I choose to let that the love God flows out of me now.

I will quiet myself from all pressures and believe God for any and all of my deliverances. Praise God! We can come boldly and make our request known.

Nothing is impossible for God. He will do the impossible for me and He will do it for me today. Today is my turn around day. Glory.

Keep your hope and expectations up as high as you can. Stretch your faith for everything that you need.

You're going to have to work on your faith. The Lord is telling me all the time to get more word in me. I say out loud these scriptures and meditate on them every hour, no matter where I am at.

I have to get more Word in me, to do what I have to do. It looks like I will have to go to every 1/2 hour. According to what I am hearing in my spirit.

If you want to stand out, you're going to have to be different. Everyone wants to be a great man of God, but won't do what a great man of God does.

Stop just being religious, anybody can do that. do the extraordinary.

We need to be dedicated, diligent and bold in these last hours. Stop
thinking about your problems. Think only about the things that God has promised YOU.

Don't do what you think your suppose to do, look to God and find out what He wants you to do. Pray in tongues often. When you ask God, believe He will tell you. Thank and praise Him, until you get the answer.

Come on this is the work we need to do. If we didn't have this kind of work to do, He wouldn't have promised to take care of your needs. You might just as well keep trying to scratch out your own living. Keep pretending that you are a great Christian and keep wondering how you will pay for all the things you want.

No we are now working for God. Therefore you can now look toward God for everything. That is what Paul was talking about when he said, is anyone expected to go to war at their own expense.(1 Cor 7:9) So get with the program.

That is why the Lord said, don't trust in uncertain riches, but trust God. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all, all, all, all these things will be added to you.

I pray for all of you everyday. Since that is what the Lord told me to do, then they will be answered. Praise God. Add your faith to mine.

The Lord is building something here. He wants to get us ready, to work in us and through us. He loves us very much. He has great plans. Let's get this job done.

Remember Jesus sits at the right hand of the father and JESUS IS LORD OF OVER ALL THINGS. praise God. come on give the Lord a shout.